• To remove conflicting language referencing the vendor fee and total exam fee. Exam fee will remain a fixed fee (amount of fee will not change).

Chapter 250-X-2-.01 Fees
(3) Personal licenses may be issued to any appropriate category of licensure as determined by the Board, and an appropriate fee shall be established for each license. Fees shall be the following:
(a) Written Examination or Reexamination: $75
(b) Practical Examination or Reexamination: $130

• To add language specifying sink in the work area or within 5 feet of the work area

Chapter 250-X-3-.03 Shops
(4) Shops providing esthetics services must have at least the following equipment or services:
(a) One facial chair or all purpose chair.
(b) One magnifying glass
(c) One sink in the work area, or at least within 5 feet of the entrance/ exit of the work area
(d) One covered trash container