Banned and Single Use Items

Banned Items

Neck and/or nail brushes. These cannot be sanitized. Please see Chapter 250-X-3-.02 (26).

Non-nail drills. These drills are not designed to be used on nails and are not safe to use on nails. Please see Chapter 250-X-3-.02(6) and 250-X-3-.02(7). 

Eyebrow or Eyelash tinting. Please refer to Chapter 250-X-3-.02(11): “No licensee may perform eyebrow tinting with a product which contains aniline derivative.”    

Callous razors. These are dangerous and can cause serious injury. Please see Chapter 250-X-3-.02(9). 

Foot files with holes. Only foot files with no holes are allowed. Cheese graters or other implements with holes are banned. See Chapter 250-X-3-.02 (3). 

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA): The use of this on nails is banned in Alabama and persons found to be using it will be fined and/or their licenses suspended. The FDA investigated personal injuries associated with the use of fingernail extenders containing MMA and “concluded that liquid methyl methacrylate was a poisonous and deleterious substance that should not be used in fingernail preparations.” Please see Chapter 250-X-3-.02 (5).  The shop owner is responsible to make sure MMA is not used in the shop. 

Clients are NOT allowed to bring their own implements.  Shops are NOT allowed to keep personal boxes for clients.

Single Use Items that are allowed but cannot be sanitized and must be thrown away after use:

  • Pumice Blocks
  • Buffers
  • All Nail Files
  • Flip Flop
  • Wax Sticks
  • Disposable Razors
  • Cotton Balls
  • Orange Wood Sticks
  • Makeup Applicators
  • Facial Sponges
  • Roll-on Wax
  • Curling Sponges/Gloves

Licensees are required to work in licensed shop

All licensees of this Board are required to work in salons licensed by this Board.
Please see Section 34-7B-1, Chapter 250-X-2-.02 and Chapter 250-X-3-.01 (13).

Licensees are required to work within the scope of license

Chapter 250-X-3-.02(8):  “No licensee shall perform any service outside the scope of the Board’s regulatory authority.  The Board’s scope of licensure is confined to non-invasive services performed on the epidermis, specifically the stratum corneum and must not alter, cut or damage living cells.”
Licensees are NOT allowed to perform microblading, micro-needling or trichology

Alabama Board of Cosmetology & Barbering

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