250-X-2-.01 Fees

(1) Pursuant to its legal authority, the Board may issue personal and business licenses to qualified applicants.
(2) Business licenses may be issued to shops or schools as determined by the Board.
(3) Personal licenses may be issued to any appropriate category of licensure as determined by the Board, and an appropriate fee shall be established for each license. Fees shall be the following:
(a) Written Examination or Reexamination: Vendor
Charge Plus $27 Administrative Fee (total fee $75)
(b) Practical Examination or reexamination:
Vendor Charge Plus $26 Administrative Fee (total fee $130)
(c) Original License $50
(d) Personal Renewal $100
(e) New Shop $200.
(f) Shop Renewal $150
(g) Shop Relocation $50
(h) Other Shop Changes:
1. Name Change $25
2. Owner Change $25
3. If name change or owner change done at same time only one $25 fee applies.
(i) New School $300
(j) School Renewal $200
(k) Other School Changes:
1. Name Change $25
2. Relocation $75
3. Ownership/Controlling Interest Change $25
plus Current Financial Statement; New Owner or
Controlling Stockholder to Appear Before Board.
(l) Reciprocity $100
(m) Apprentice $75
(n) Apprentice Change Master, Salon or Both $25
(o) Shampoo Assistant Original/Renewal $75
(p) Replacement License $25
(q) Duplicate License for Instructors $25
(r) Late Charge $54
(s) Letter of Certification: $25 Each State Requested
(t) Returned Check Charge: Maximum Provided by Code of AL, 1975. (Currently $30)

Author:  Jodi Respess
Statutory Authority:  Code of AL 1975, §34-7B-8
Filed July 18, 2019; Effective September 1, 2019