I am licensed in another state, how do I transfer that license to Alabama?

First, you must request that certification from your current state be sent to our office. This must be sent directly from your current state directly to our office. This should not be sent to you to be forwarded to our office, but should be sent to us by your state office only. Wait 2 (two) weeks after you request this before contacting our office. Once we receive this certification, we will send you the Application for Reciprocity and notify you if you are required to take any exams. There is a minimum $100 fee for this service.

Military Family Jobs Opportunity Act
Military Spouse Fee Waiver Request Form 
Code of Alabama, 1975, § 31-1-6 was enacted by the Alabama Legislature to provide special consideration for spouses of active duty military transferring from out of state to Alabama.   Upon meeting the requirements outlined on the Application for Reciprocity and the Military Spouse Fee Waiver Application, these applicants will be granted the appropriate expedited reciprocal license.

How do I transfer my license from Alabama to another state?

License Certification Request
You must make a written request for the board to send a letter of certification to the state to which you are moving. You may print out and complete the License Certification Request (above). You must include a copy of your current Alabama License, your Social Security card and current Driver’s License with your request. There is a fee of $25.00 (money order or cashier's check only) per Certification requested.

How do I transfer my license from another country to Alabama?

Application for Out of Country Reciprocity
License holders from other countries and US territories may be eligible for an Alabama license if their country or territory has education requirements substantially equivalent to Alabama license requirements.   All out of country applicants who meet the educational requirements are required to take the Alabama Written Exam and Practical Exam.

To apply for Out of Country Reciprocity, complete the Application for Out of the USA Reciprocity and return it to our office with all required documentation.  Please send as much information as possible about your training in the other country (more than just a diploma or certificate).  A transcript, in English, is required.

A non-refundable fee of $175 must be included with the application payable to ABOCB, in the form of money order or cashier’s check.  Personal checks are not accepted.  This fee includes the written exam fee.  Once your application is processed, you will receive a Pending Exam Permit.  This Permit is good for six (6) months and cannot be extended.  Once you receive this permit, you may begin working.  You will also receive information concerning how to schedule your exam, which is a computer-based exam.

Once you have successfully completed the written exam, you will send a money order or cashier’s check for $130.00 for the practical exam, which is a hands-on exam.  Once you have successfully completed the practical exam, you will receive your license within 2-4 weeks.

If you fail either exam three (3) times, you will be required to go to school for 375 hours before you will be eligible to register for the exam again.

The Candidate Information Bulletins for the exams are available at under the “Exams” link.  These bulletins provide information about the exams and what to expect during the exam.

Documents submitted with your application will not be returned.  Keep a copy of your completed application, all attachments, and your money order or cashier’s check.